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What are The Most Popular Cultural Events across the Globe?

The world around us houses a vast spectrum of variety in it. Every corner herein has a dash of colour and an innate magnetism to boast of in all its inherent diversity.Festivities in each corner of the globe, have one thing in common, irrespective of nations they’re commemorated in.

These cultural events are replete with raw, vibrant sentiments of the natives. These festivities bring vast diversities of people together, in a joyous union to celebrate what they are at their very core.

Here’s a list of most popular cultural events all over the world.

  1. Carnival- Rio De Janerio, in Brazil.

This festival also termed as Carnaval in the Brazilian language. Dating back to 1723, this carnival bears witness to most massive crowds ever drawn. The Carnaval is saturated with the characteristic Brazilian flavours represented with Samba, elaborate, colourful costumes, and giant parades. Over 2 million people participate in this huge parade.

  1. Burning Man- Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA.

An experimental move towards radicalism expressed in the form of art, this festival is purportedly best described by those who have felt its vibes in flesh and blood. Over 48000 people assemble in the Black Rock Desert to express their individuality in the form of creativity. The Burning Man derives its vocabulary from the ritual of setting a huge wooden effigy aflame on a Saturday evening.

  1. Running of the Bulls, Pamplona, Spain.

In this festival, six bulls run after a crowd as part of a time-honoured tradition. The Running of the Bulls is held from the 6th to the 14th of July.


  1. Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany.

Conducted during final weeks of September or in initial October weeks, Oktoberfest runs for over a fortnight. With a congress of over five million attendees, this is the world’s largest fair.



  1. LaTomatina, Bunol, Spain.

Initiated in 1945, and held on the last Wednesday in August, La Tomatina is pure madness in all its conduct. With no ties to any traditions, this festival is just a celebration for the sake of enjoyment of multitudes. Ever since a few locals threw eatables during a parade, this festival of throwing tomatoes has since been intended only for fun.

  1. Gay Pride Parade, San Francisco, USA.

This is a commemoration of breaking stereotypes and celebrating the LGBTQ community. The Pride Parade is held during June, which in turn, is also called, Pride Month. Years of history, stories of struggle for liberty, and, the fight against discrimination underline this festival at its core.

  1. New Orleans Mardi Gras, Louisiana, USA.

Mardi Gras is another name for “Fat Tuesday”. This celebration is what gives the beholder the time of his/her life. The city of New Orleans comes alive, in the most boisterous manner to celebrate Lent.

Needless to say, these festivals define inhabitants of their respective countries, in all their commemorative fervour. While people revel in festivities, their culture comes alive breathing in their earnestness and enjoyment.

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