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Why is Inter-Community Social Exchange Healthy?

Social exchange is something that one uses every single day in life but do not always realises it. Although the understanding of social theory grows gradually along with a person, the applications remain incorporated into the core functions of their life.

The social exchange theory basically has three propositions-

  • Reward

When a person encounters that he is being appreciated for doing a particular thing, then he will continue to repeat the same actions again and again.

  • Frequency

The second proposition explains that more often a certain kind of stimulus is subjected to a person; he will repeat the same action accordingly.

  • Deprivation satiation

It states that the value of a reward gradually decreases with the receiving of new award by the same person.

When a task becomes trivial for a person, he tends to lose interest in the previous garnered reward and demands for a hike in it.

Thus the three of units of social exchange theory is classified into-

  1. Reward
  2. Cost
  3. Worth

Now coming to the question of, why is it beneficial as an inter-community social exchange medium?

This theory has a better explanation for why people stay in a relationship and thus the answer for a healthy inter-community social exchange. It denotes a better outlook for the inter-community cooperation and develops the various perspectives about the same.

The reason for which inter-community social exchange is considered as a whole unit is because it acts as a risk reduction method. This facilitates in expanding trades and also gives a significant boost to commercial relations.

Why is social exchange important for a community?

The primary role of social exchange is building up strong social connections around them so that this creates a special bond among them. It is here that the inter-community plays a vital role in maintaining the relationship and is plays a crucial role in improving one’s mental health.

In turn, mental health functions crucial for developing overall health.

The healthy benefits of inter-community social exchange are as follows-

  • Helps in stress reduction
  • Improves immune system
  • Enhances cardiovascular functions

Intercommunity social interaction or exchange allows a person to achieve prominent help when there are tough times in their course.

How to build inter-community social exchange?

Intercommunity social exchange proves to be beneficial at the time of acquiring social support and isolation. If a person has a negative thought lingering in his mind, he can share it with his peers and seek desirable help. This will not only help in producing a resolution for him but will also assist in establishing harmony between them.

Not only social exchange comes into action during hard times, but it is also quite helpful while sharing a positive note with others. Social exchange makes the task of celebrating feasible and creates sincere interest of people in others life and happenings.

Thus, the interaction between different communities and building social exchange between them balance their existence in peace. Therefore, to spread the words of kindness and patience, inter-community social exchanges prove to be healthy. The need for sociological and psychological perspective among different communities is high.

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