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The Internet, Language, Globalization, and International Culture

Culture is something that’s important to most of us.  It shapes the way we live and our identities.  Of course, as time has passed, culture has become more universalized around the globe.

There are many different reasons why culture has become more international than it ever was in the past, and technology and globalization both play a huge role in this process.

I have been lucky enough to travel all around the world and experience the cultures of other nations, but I have also noticed that there are certain things that have become cultural norms all throughout the world.

Here I will take a look at the way international culture has been shaped and how economic globalization and technology have played a role in that.

alternative culture

What is international culture?

International culture is something that is shared between different countries, whether it be customs and norms or even language.  A good example of this would be marriage.  Countries that practice different customs and religions also tend to practice monogamous marriages.

Communicating internationally

Obviously, when I have traveled to England in the past, I have never had much of a problem communicating with the locals because we speak the same language.  However, many countries that are not traditionally English speaking now have many English speaking natives.

This could be due to the fact that the internet is used all around the world, and many people of other cultures have found it easier to communicate online using English.

alternative culture

Other shared elements of culture internationally

When I travelled to Japan, language wasn’t the only aspect of culture that was shared.  I love Japanese food, but if I got home sick, finding American food wasn’t difficult at all.  While it wasn’t all that exciting, I did decide to eat fast food while I was there in order to see how it stacked up, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Japan is also interesting because it is one of many countries that has embraced American music like hip hop.  In fact, while hip hop was originally a strictly American phenomenon, you will now find that it’s very popular in countries like Japan, England, Germany, and others.

Mass media has gone a long way in allowing people from all over the world to share different aspects of their cultures with one another, and the internet and economic globalization have played huge roles in this development.

International culture at home

While there are aspects of American culture that can be found abroad, there are also aspects of other cultures that can be found right here at home.

For instance, I love eating Chinese, Japanese, and Mexican food.  While it could be argued that you’ll get the most authentic experience by actually travelling to the country in question to enjoy its cuisine, it is definitely nice to be able to experience it at least somewhat at home.

To the future

What will come of international culture in the future?  As time moves forward, it’s quite likely that culture will continue to become more international in its scope.

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